When we refer to the action taken in the Syrian massacre, it is blatant, EVIL action. Russia, Iran, and some militarized Arab regimes have openly supported Assad in murdering innocent people, Syrians who dared to aspire to democracy after 47 years of being terrorized by an absolute “republic monarchy”. On the other hand, when we talk about inaction, we talk about the West.

Some might say that western democracies have their limits and priorities when negotiating with opponents, which could be right at times. Let’s consider the West’s friend and allying regimes as the one in Egypt. It’s no longer a secret after Assad’s foreign minister recently disclosed that they had been receiving covert support with weapons and intelligence from the Egyptian military, even during the one year term of President Mohamed Morsi, yet without his knowledge. At that time it was covert support, now it is overt. So in considering the West’s limitations and priorities in maneuvering opponents, what should we think about a friend and allying regime like the Egyptians?

The Syrian conflict over the past five years has resulted in a half million dead, 2 million maimed, almost 3 million domestically displaced, a half million disappeared, most likely dead, and 11 million refugees. Adding up these figures over the past five years, the Assad murderous regime, in collaboration with Russia, Iran and some Arab dictator regimes, succeeded in making two thirds of Syria’s population (22 million) simply vanish, a crime that Hitler himself would take his hat off to, both to Bashar and to his accessory regimes.

Recalling the years before Nazi Germany invaded Europe, there were strong signs of a catastrophe in the making, some of which resulted from the arrogance and chauvinism of tyrannical leaders. One of the most evident signs was persecution of Jews and to a lesser degree, minorities like the Rums. The West, leading the world as it does today, stood by and watched until the boiling caldron exploded in their face. It resulted in the Holocaust, and a similar catastrophe has been going on in Syria over the past five years. The same holocaust is happening to the Libyans over the past five years as well; one that took the lives of 250,000 and maimed 100,000, in a country whose population is merely 6 million. As for the Iraqis, it’s even worse for they have been burning in the same hell for the past 12 years. Sometimes inaction becomes as effective as direct support to murderous regimes. And apart from the lack of morality, in most cases such inaction is followed by tremendous cost.

We weep seeing the picture of the two year old Syrian boy lying dead, face down in the sand, just as we wept when reading the diary of the young Jewish girl, Anne Frank, about the Nazi inferno built for the Jews. Well, how many Anne Frank’s do we need to put an end to the living hell created by Arab tyrants supported by both Moscow and Tehran’s action, as well as the West’s inaction? I hope not many!

As for these tyrant regimes, they not only have little concern for other nation’s refugees, they also scorn their own people, those whom have never had the right to vote and simply must endure the outcome of fraudulent election. These regimes’ message to their own oppressed and repressed peoples: don’t ever even think about freedom otherwise you will end up as food for the Mediterranean fish like the Syrians, food for cannons like the Libyans and Iraqis, or victims for the judiciary like those convicted in Egypt.

To the West, the solution is not in finding alternate homes for the fleeing Syrians or for other Arabs living under tyrannical dictatorships. It is rather to remove the malicious glands of tyranny that keep secreting hopeless humans, the majority of whom become refugees, and the minority who lose their minds and make their home with ISIS.