Yehia Ghanem

The Trials of a Caged Man

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A Bullet Between the Eyes: Memories of Tahrir Square

An Egyptian war correspondent recalls some of the most critical moments in the Egyptian revolution, as seen from Tahrir Square.

As Egypt’s revolution progressed, Egyptian journalist and war correspondent Yehia Ghanem was in Tahrir Square with the protesters. Here he recalls some of the most critical moments in that uprising as they were seen and experienced from the Square. Read the rest of this series, Caged, here.

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How Many Anne Frank’s Before we Save the Syrians?

When we refer to the action taken in the Syrian massacre, it is blatant, EVIL action. Russia, Iran, and some militarized Arab regimes have openly supported Assad in murdering innocent people, Syrians who dared to aspire to democracy after 47 years of being terrorized by an absolute “republic monarchy”. On the other hand, when we talk about inaction, we talk about the West.

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