Yehia Ghanem

The Trials of a Caged Man

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Caged Journalist Illustration commissioned for Aj Jazeera International

Walking Into a Trap: How I ended up on trial in Egypt

When he was offered a role with an international NGO, journalist Yehia Ghanem had no idea it would land him in court.

In the months after the Egyptian revolution, the mood of unity that had prevailed throughout the protests began to be eroded – replaced with something more divisive and violent. For Egyptian journalist Yehia Ghanem, events would also take a strange turn – on to a path that would eventually lead him into a cage in a Cairo courtroom. Read the rest of his series, Caged, here.

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Chronicle of a Caged Journalist: Crocodiles in a Court

In the second installment of Chronicle of a Caged Journalist, Egyptian war correspondent Yehia Ghanem describes how his own life and freedom became inextricably tied to the fate of his country as it was dragged back from the threshold of democracy. Read the first part – A trial without a case – here: Chronicle of a Caged Journalist: a trial without a case

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Chronicle of a Caged Journalist: A trial without a case

I turned around angrily and grabbed the police officer’s arm, almost twisting it. There was no need to push me through that huge iron door into the cage, but he did anyway. He pushed so hard that I stumbled.

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